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  Pre/Post Employment Verifications

Heights Detective is a highly standard name in the corporate filed as well for being among the top indentation Private Detective Agencies in Delhi. We help our well-regarded corporate customers in haulage out Pre as well as Post Employment Verification services, by conducting a comprehensive check of all their team. These full sketchy investigations regarding your customers make you conscious of their entire backdrop and past and thereby serving you in taking the decision for take into service faster and simpler.

We are being a well-known Private Detective Agency Delhi, be of assistance the money-making in their recruitment development ways successful background presentation of the employees, analysis their present and past experiences and qualifications, by carry out a third party suggestion checks etc. since Heights Detective is one of the top indentation detective agency in Delhi and is the most preferred choice of the customers from large money-making, in activities efficient pre and post employment verifications. The information and inspection reveal at present that almost 69% of the K.S.'s are fake and are altered by the aspirant themselves. These resumes and candidates prove to be injurious and inspired a negative impact upon you association. We know the value of the goodwill of your association and hence offer you highly customized Pre Employment Investigation service which makes your hiring process highly perfect and smooth.

  Employee Cheating

Worker cheating and fraud is a hazard that most of company or corporate firm has to stand for the lack of actual authentication. From imitation to embezzlement to fraud to fund embezzlement – there are many ways a bad worker brings harm to the seclusion. In time such as a cheatings go ignored to consequently cause big injure to the troubled company or organization in question.

Cases are in great quantities where workers clandestinely go against the wellbeing of the own corporation to benefit the competitor or benefit the self reason. Delivery very important information to adversary is also out of managed, and major Software, Hardware, Business & IT firms face the maximum impact in real cases. Fascinating up a side manufacture jointly with doing the job is as ordinary as any other business hazard. Burglary and Pilferage are other ordinary form of cheating that workers are found concerned.

We receive umpteen cases where staff brazenly takes commission from individual business owner, contractor, retailer, business man or broker on behalf of the corporation in lieu of poor quality or shameful products. More so, cases are received where employees deliberately buy cheap raw materials directly from vendors with an “accustomed charge” to make cash, which troubles his own association in the progression. We have showing persons whose communication has been unjust, predominantly in the sales branch where they can entwine charge and prices etc.

  Under Cover Operation

In today's investigation field, undercover has shaped a yardstick in organization out all the criminal cases with high correctness and proficiency. Undercover operations are extensively increasing as a method of making wide-ranging investigations in both civil and illegal cases. The criminals of today are no fewer when it comes to entrust crimes but the use of undercover has given overwhelms to their insightful activities. Heights Detective is a highly much-admired Private Detective Agency in Delhi for providing services of undercover operations to its customers, to make the investigations clearer and no-win situation the culprit’s scarlet hand.

Heights Detective is flipside by all-embracing paraphernalia and the advanced technology to offer every brand of undercover operations. The video cameras can be easily fitted into a pen, cap, eyeglasses, phones etc .These help in integrating the happenings in the surroundings. A team of efficient investigators are also there to back us in reaching high levels of investigations. We offer our investigation services at highly affordable prices and offer highly accurate services. Owing to such extensive services, Sleuths India is recognized as highly renowned Private Detective in Delhi and NCR.

  Corporate Investigations in Delhi

In Delhi Corporate & Business Investigations has been established for nearly 22 years and is the business firm of a group of four of companies most important the field in all areas of Private Investigations. The length of with its associated firms Integral Investigations, foundation Investigations and Agency 1024, CBSII prides itself on the professionalism, made carefulness and reliability with which all our clients are treated..


  Pre Matrimonial Checks Detective

Heights Detective is one of the top Pre and Post Matrimonial Detectives in Delhi. Post Matrimonial Detectives in Delhi is become important because it is a inhabited place and once any one gets any mind setup for the Pre-Post matrimonial Detective then the Investigations should be very energetic and qualified so that the cases can be solve within very fast one time and submit of evidence is done through different Pre and Post wedding Detectives. Fact of our specialist detective officers, we make sure that our answer is always reserved secret and enclosed. We can also follow your spouse or ex on their own free time to determination actions, living environment and people they connect with. A background check may also be conducted on the subject background check. We may get hold of images, video and photography documentation of all actions. If you aspiration, we may also provide you a complete investigations report and an images records on the investigations results obtained. .

  Infidelity / Adultery / Divorce

The doubt that your life partner is committing adultery is a thin-skinned and insubstantial matter. We understand that it is a huge, emotional affecting part for your life N you have to contact us private investigations discuss. You have may be a many of reasons to set up an investigation into probable adultery.

You can use evidence to deal with your life partner and find solutions. You may also get well confidence, support on which you may case for divorce. In present legislation, adultery is not a reason for divorce. However, adultery can be proof of the irreversible go wrong of a wedding, which is a ground base for divorce.

Heights Detective can help you with a thorough, secret and well-organized investigation. We are providing you a clear and validate proof, supported by pictures and valid proof includes videos, images and person. We will chart what is actually happening.

We are specialized detectives who hold fast to secrecy agreements and work according to confidentiality system. The report is damaged after it is closed. When you want a specialized. We work with optimally protected online and offline database. Your personal record is always up to date and time to time record provides, and you can access your report at any time of the day.

  Missing Person Tracing

Are you looking for missing people or that you have lost. We are providing missing people tracing service in Delhi/India or you have lost touch with, family or friends and a debtor who owes you cash, contact us we are here only for your missing people and cheating people located and truth you have to present we offer a comprehensive and very successful missing people tracing service.



  Video Surveillance

Due to India privacy laws, surveillance is quite often the only way to gain reply. We have professional in laptop, foot device and standing surveillance. All functioning have access to the latest in latest’s cameras and advanced technologies necessary for the best truthful result – but more highly, the information and operational to get the detective assignment done. Remember, a image says a thousand words……...

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